Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The last kiss
The last good-bye
I can’t take that day out of my life.
Your last words, your voice
Echo inside of me like a tormented sea
Splashing all the memories against me.
The “sweet” last kiss
The one I can’t get over.
The perfect morning that reminded me of our day.
The morning of hell turned out to be…
You left me right there with that last kiss.
The world froze before me.
The last kiss
The last memory of you “ Bye Honey” your last words to me.
Your sweet honey voice lingers over me every-hour and everyday.
I wish I could have had one last hug
Your strong arms surrounding and protecting me one last time…
The last kiss
That can’t be!
My love, come to me…
How cruel and cold the world turn out to be
When they took you away from me.
The final morning of farewell annihilated all our deeds.
The last kiss
The one I miss
The one I locked inside my heart.
The pain I feel is an open wound on fire that don’t cease.
They snatch you away, leaving me orphan of your love.
Time will pass and cure the wound but a scar will form my heart.
The last kiss
The open door to the end of our bliss.
We had it all couldn’t ask for more
All I ask is why you “my amour”?
All I have of you is beautiful memories and the miracle inside of me…
All I ask is watch over us “my amour”.
Our last kiss.

( Alcina) May 3, 2007
Poem dedicated to all the women that lost their loved one...September 11,2001.Original, It is translated to Portuguese ( O Último Beijo) By Cina

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