Saturday, January 26, 2008


Foto by: José Costa in Portugal Ilha da Madeira

So much has been left behind
An ocean of feelings and sorrows.
The fatherland that is left behind
Waters and seas overcome the emotions.

The dream overpowers all obstacles
It embraces me with power.
My heart cries for the motherland left behind
My childhood dreams stay within me.

To gain power and fulfillment of a dream
Is a long cruised in a big tormented sea.
A long path is ahead of me
Long steps to complement a dream.

Unconditional love has been left behind
It flows through the sea, moon and the stars,
It surrounds me in a memory.
A new unconditional love unfolds over me
Over books and my story.

The dream of my life the dream of my future
Is waiting for me.
I need you now, you in a distance long for me more.

The world is waiting for me
Waiting patiently for the tree.
I’m a little seed that flew miles away
To seek a territory unknown to me.
In great need to find the great soil.
I need big waters and alimony
Therefore, the tree unfolds straight and with strength.
Golden fruits it will give
To give to them, to me, and to all.
To cure your heart, soul and body

I’m here waiting patiently, running, seeking, wishing
For you my dream.
Never let me go, I won’t let you go,
You are tied to me for you belong to me.
We will make a good team,
We will walk together in good times
We will walk the plank together if necessary.
But you, you will always be mine, my dream.

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