Sunday, January 13, 2008


The memories that I have
Are unforgettable happiness and sadness.
The moment of magic had lasted a lifetime.
The feeling was like fire burning on a mountain with no end.
The river was there trying to play with us.

The touch of your hand made me secure although confused.
The touch of your lips was sweet although sour.
The touch of your heart on mine was infinite although painful.

The night was a magic masquerade!
You fulfilled me as I fulfilled you.
There was not a single moment of thought that was there.

You have led me to paths that I have never knew existed.
Unknown feelings rose in our hearts
In an unforgettable, blissful frenzy.

Destiny played a trick on us
We fell for it!

As it came, it was gone!
Like wind pushing through the mountain with no end.
Rain fell and overflowed the river.

Stopping the big fire burning all over us.
I have let you slip away as you have let me slip away.
I said, “I’m sorry” and you said, “I’m sorry too.”
We got lost!
Now, only the memories fulfill my aching heart.
By Alcina C. F. (2006)

Published in "The Foreign Student Voice" at Union County College
All Rigths reserved. Original ( Translated to Portuguese by me Alcina (Cina)"Coração Partido").

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