Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear President Obama,

(My wishes for you and 2009)

New Year is here, faith and hope are embraced by it.
Eyes are all over you like children, wishing for a dream come true.
The world lays ahead of you on ripped veils embracing mountains of sorrow.
On your shoulders falls a cascade of polluted bluffed waters from others.
The residue will sting you, venom. Snakes of all shapes and colors will crawl over you. Waiting to devour you as you walk on straight lines.
You are the last hope. Destiny is in your hands.
In your veins run the amendment, the difference that needs to be written in fine print.
Let the world know you heart doesn't let power fool you as if you are a piece of art.
Faces dressed in black suits and souls put on pursuits.
Make your written words fly, like rainbows in the sky.
May the colors flutter smoothly into air like shooting stars.
Allow your promises and single words rain above the deserts' dryness.
Spread the love in your heart with a soft lullaby to the ridges of the world.
May God and Love give you wise wings for the troubled strings.
Happy New Year! May many blessings shine above you and the whole world.
Cina De Moura

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