Sunday, June 15, 2008


A cry, a scream of frustration
A mind shredded into pieces
Almost… impossible to put together sad
Dreams vanished with a blow to the sea
Of depression…

“Let me help you,” I say.
Deep in your sadness…
You can’t hear me
You shut yourself in a none existed world.

Your wishes your dreams are forgotten
In the bottom of your soul.

“Let me help you” I shout.
Your thoughts are mixed like rotten dough
You can’t bake that so desired special cake.
You seem to forgot most of the real ingredients
to mix and bake the successful cake.
You shut yourself in a none existed world.

“Let me help you” I scream.
You are living a nightmare awake…
Or are you sleeping?
I wish you were.
You fell inside that big dark cave…fantasy world
You scream, you cry, but don’t want help.
It is impossible to climb up by yourself
For you are real deep inside the cave.
You shut yourself in a none existed world.

“Let me help you” I cry in desperation.
I don’t know you any more.
You don’t know yourself.
You are harming me.
You are harming yourself.

I whisper in your ear,
I Love You! Let me Help you Please…
You Are Breaking My Heart…
Let me enter inside your none existed world.
I beg you! I ask you! I pled to you! Heart In Hand
Please don’t shut me off now when you need me the most.

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Sandra Fonseca said...

obrigada pela visita carinhosa. Volte sempre. Beijo!
Seu blog é uma beleza!