Monday, February 18, 2008


Foto By Anibal Alemao (Algarve)

Love Conquers Everything…

The world is falling apart
Tornados, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes
Are the main bread of the day.

I’m trapped! Debris is all over me
I’m alone, scared and frightened.
If I move the debris might fall on top of me.
If I don’t try I will be stuck in the debris forever.

I scream for help, but nobody hears me.
I cry in silence with the disaster of my life.
I’m paralysed in shock to watch the world getting destroyed.

No one does a thing to stop,
No one can stop it.
Or can we?…

Am I alone in this world?
I shrive, I stop, I think,
Who am I?
I’m a human being with a right
to fight whatever is in my way.
Go, don’t look back!
Find your way through the debris
Until you catch a glimpse of the sky.

Foto By Anibal Alemao (Algarve)

I remember now!
After the storm there is paradise.
That is where I want to go.
I have always been a fighter not a quitter.
Move on; move on…
Nobody will do it for you!

A fighter will always conquer the scariest of the scary things in life!
Though, a fighter means faith, hope, and love.
Love the strong word of our life, the one searched by millions.
The one we can’t live without.
Life is love and love is life.
Always love yourself and share that same love with others.

The storms around us will cease!
Given the place, what had meant to be…
That is the paradise that we all are searching for.
So, lets be fighters not cowards!

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