Saturday, February 9, 2008



Tremble feelings are eating my fragile heart
Can I restore it back?
A warm drop falls into my keyboard
It wakes me up to reality.

How cruel is everything around me
Yesterday a gray cloud embraced me
Today a black one is wearing me.
Tomorrow, what color will I be?

A song keeps playing inside me
SAD…SAd…Sad…sad…sa…s… …
Sad is not listen to you, it is so sad…
Sad is not to be heard, so sad…
Sad is to let you go without a answer…so sad…
Sad is when you don’t say good-bye, it is so sad…

Strength has melted away my fragile body
Pain is eating my heart away
I do know how to say sorry
Only if you give one last try…

It is so easy to make words fly
Words with no sound…taken away in a brisk of wind.
Feelings camouflage in whispers echoing the soul
It derogates all deeds that we wished for.

Why does it have to be this way and not the other way around?
Life is taken for granted every little single day
Why can I not have the power to change things around?
Life is sliding fast every little single day…

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