Monday, February 18, 2008


To Sara

A memory that has been kept in my heart.
Before I met you, I already knew that I loved you.
When I met you for the first time
I fell in love with you.
It was love at first sight!
When I looked at you, your blue eyes
Took my breath away.
When you smiled at me.
My body tingled from head to toe.
When I touched your little hands and fingers
My heart moved and ticked differently.
When I heard your voice.
It echoed in my soul in a sweet way.
You made me a woman…
With all sense of the word.
You made me the happiest of them all.
I loved you, I still love you, and I always will.
I cherish this memory of you.
I love you!

Published in " The Foreign Student Voice" at Union County College
All rights reserved. ( 0riginal,it has been translated to Portuguese "A Primeira Vez" by me Alcina (Cina)).

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