Monday, August 11, 2008


I’m a little bird with broken wings
That eats only the crumbs of your love
The sky rains on me
There is no shelter inside of you
Turn you back always at me
I can’t see your eyes
Or touch your skin
Hug you or feel you in my heart
There is so much that’s hidden
My wings are broken…
A pain crosses my heart
It is killing me
I can’t survive on little crumbs
It is not enough to stand me up
I’m famine and skinny…
Dying a little every single day
My feathers fall to the ground
As if they were drops of tears
The air around me pollutes my senses
Cause there is no care…
Or missing me
Offer lies to fulfill my desires
In silent nights…I don’t sleep
On sunshine days… it thunders
Illusions, masquerades…
The big web with it strings
Catches the bird with broken wings
She is his pray…
Only, if I could fly…away… with my broken wings
Only, if I had the strength to do so…
I would fly…fly…fly…away…far…far…

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